2022 Recruitment – provisional information about the process

Details about the recruitment process for 2022 are being finalised over the next two months. Below is provisional information that we are able to publish at this stage.


The timeline will be broadly similar to 2021. The full timeline will be published shortly, approximate dates for key activities are as follows:

applications open are expected to open on 19 November and close on 9 December

interviews between January and April – will vary by specialty and be published nearer the opening of applications

all specialties commence offering by mid to late-April, most offers completed by early May.

Specialties recruiting

In 2021, some specialties had no or limited recruitment as posts were being used for the third year of internal medicine training. All specialties will be recruiting normally again for 2022 recruitment; indicative post numbers will be declared just prior to applications opening.

Recruiting level

Physician specialties are now divided into ‘Group 1’ and ‘Group 2’; the JRCPTB website details which specialties are in each group.

Group 1 specialty recruitment will be at ST4-level and applicants will either need to be current IMY3 trainees who are on track to successfully complete IMY3 by August 2022, or able to demonstrate full Internal Medicine Stage 1 capability at time of application. All group 1 specialty trainees will dual accredit their training with general internal medicine.

Group 2 will be at ST3-level and applicants will be open to current IMY2 trainees who are on track to successfully complete IMY2 by August 2022, or able to demonstrate capability to the level of an IMY2 trainee; this will either be completion of CMT or ACCS-AM, or using the alternative certificate.

Alternative certificates

There are now two versions of the alternative certificate of core capability for those not undertaking UK core training: one for group 1 specialties and one for group 2. The certificates are available from the Document Library of the website and previous versions will no longer be accepted.

Assessment process

The assessment processes will be largely the same as 2021, with self-assessment evidence supplied electronically and verified separately from the interview. All interviews will be held online.

The information on the website for 2021 recruitment can be used as a good guide as to what to expect; general information about the process can be found in the Recruitment Process section and specialty interview formats in each specialty’s page.

Application scoring and shortlisting

The review process is taking place at the moment, so information is provisional at this stage. However, it can be confirmed that the main change in 2022 is that the MRCP(UK) (or qualifying alternative) will be scored. Aside from this, there are not expected to be any other major changes.

Should the review process identify any larger changes to the scoring domains, options or points, these will be delayed until 2023 recruitment and potential applicants given advance warning via the website by the end of 2021.

We are currently expecting two other changes for scoring applications at the shortlisting stage:

Commitment to specialty – each specialty will be given the option of including a commitment to specialty mark as part of the shortlisting process; specialties will be confirming in advance of applications opening whether or not they are using this. The marks for this area will not carry forward to the overall score used for offers as all specialties assess commitment to specialty as part of the interview.

Organisation mark – a small number of points will be awarded for evidence which is well-organised and follows the guidance provided. The primary purpose of the mark is to reward good organisation and encourage well-presented evidence which makes it as straightforward as possible for assessors to verify evidence.

Applicant guidance

The website is being updated for 2022 recruitment and we hope to make it live by mid-to-late October. Once the timeline is confirmed, we will update this area of the website. When the website is updated for 2022, an applicants’ guide will be published with an overview of the process.

A news item will be published when further information is released.

As recruitment will now be at ST3 and ST4 level, the name of this website will be changing to ‘Physician Higher Specialty Training Recruitment’ (PHST Recruitment for short). All pages on the website will have an updated URL, however, links to existing pages will automatically redirect.