2022 Recruitment – timeline published and update on the 2022 process

The information below is further to our previous news item with details about the 2022 recruitment process.


The timeline has been published to the website with the general dates for the round. Individual specialty interview dates and dates when evidence will be required to be uploaded will be added in the run-up to applications opening on 18 November 2021.

Applicant guidance

The website will be updated with 2022 recruitment by the end of October. In the interim, the published information can be used as a guide as to how the process will work.

Application scoring and the MRCP(UK)

In our previous update about the 2022 process we noted that the MRCP(UK) (or qualifying alternative) will be scored. Following guidance from the Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK about access to the PACES examinations since the Covid-19 pandemic, this decision has been changed and this area will not be scored. It was felt that, though access has improved considerably, many who apply to higher specialty training will not have been able to gain a PACES place through no fault of their own, and so reinstating points for this area should be delayed until 2023 recruitment.

It is a requirement to gain the full MRCP(UK) by the 3 August 2022 for round 1, but applicants can progress, and receive an offer, on the basis of being able to complete the diploma by this date. Any offer will be withdrawn if the examination is not completed in time.

Group 1 specialties and assessment of suitability to be the medical registrar

Group 1 specialties will be recruiting to ST4-level and all trainees will be dual accrediting with internal medicine. This will require trainees to manage the acute unselected take and multi-disciplinary team. In acknowledgement of this, the assessment process for group 1 specialties will include an additional ‘medical registrar suitability’ question during the interview.

This will be scored in the same way as all other questions and so Group 1 specialties will now have five scored areas contributing towards calculating appointability and the final score used for ranking. This question will primarily focus on two of the clinical Capabilities in Practice (CiPs) from the Internal Medicine Stage 1 curriculum:

  • 1. Managing an acute unselected take
  • 6. Managing a multi-disciplinary team including effective discharge planning

Once the website is updated, each specialty will include information about the question alongside the rest.