Changes to MRCP(UK) alternative rules for 2022 recruitment

In recent years, higher physician specialty recruitment has operated ‘EEA alternative’ rules, which allowed EEA nationals who trained in an EEA country to apply without the MRCP(UK), provided they met the eligibility criteria set. As the UK has left the EEA, replacement rules have been agreed for 2022 recruitment onwards. The new rules apply to trainees from anywhere in the world and are not specifically for EEA nationals.

  • Eligibility for the specialist register in general internal medicine by time of application; this must have been approved by the GMC to be considered.
  • Completion of Irish Basic Specialty Training in medicine and the MRCPI full diploma by time of application.

Please note the following regarding these rules:

  • These rules only apply to the MRCP(UK) criterion. It will still be necessary for any trainee applying on this basis to submit the relevant alternative certificate to enter higher specialty training with their application and to meet the necessary experience requirements for the specialty of application.
  • This rule only applies to the MRCP(UK). If you are applying to a specialty which accepts trainees/examinations from other pathways (e.g. paediatrics/MRCPCH), you will need the relevant UK membership examination.

Please note that the current EEA alternative criteria are in place for the second round of 2021 opening on 27 July 2021 before the rules above come into effect.