Changes to the MRCP(UK) requirements for Group 2 specialties

The JRCPTB have announced a change to the entry criteria for Group 2 specialties this round.

The requirement to have completed the full MRCP(UK) diploma by the advertised post start date (3 August 2022) has been amended for entry to higher specialty training at ST3-level. It will now be possible to proceed to ST3 training in Group 2 specialties with the PACES component of the MRCP(UK) outstanding; completion of Part 1 at time of application and Part 2 Written by 3 August is still required.

The requirement to complete the full MRCP(UK) before starting the programme remains for Group 1 physician specialty applicants, therefore, priority of places to the summer diet will be given to those trainees. Trainees appointed to Group 2 specialties without passing PACES will be prioritised once they commence their programme.

Please note that this derogation from the curriculum requirements only applies to trainees applying from an internal medicine pathway. If a specialty accepts trainees from non-physician pathways, unless notified otherwise, the requirements for completing the examination are unchanged from the person specification.

If you have a query regarding this, you are advised to contact: