Glossary of terms
applicants/candidates those applying to HST are referred to throughout the recruitment process as either 'applicants' or 'candidates'; the terms are used interchangeably and there is no difference between them.
ARCP Annual Review of Competence Progression information about this can be found in the Gold Guide 
assessment centre this is the stage of recruitment where an applicant will be interviewed. This is referred to as an 'interview' throughout our literature; while 'assessment/selection centre' will usually refer to the actual venue/building in which the interview takes place.
CCT Certificate of Completion of Training
CESR-CP Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration via the Combined Programme
CMT Core Medical Training
CT1 Core Training year 1 - equivalent to ST1 (Specialty Training year 1)
CT2 Core Training year 2 - equivalent to ST2 (Specialty Training year 2)
EEA European Economic Area
GIS Guaranteed Interview Scheme
GMC the General Medical Council
HEE Health Education England
HST Higher specialty training - This is the new term for ST3/4 level training. 
IELTS the International English Language Testing System
IMT Internal Medicine Training
JRCPTB the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board
LAS Locum Appointment (Service)
LAT Locum Appointment (Training)
LETB Local Education and Training Board - these replaced the term deaneries for the postgraduate training areas in England. This has now been replaced by the term 'local team' to refer to the distinct Enghlish training regions, however, you may still see the term LETB used. In this website we will usually refer to the term 'region' to describe postgraduate medical training areas.
mini-CEX Mini Clinical Evaluation eXercise
MRCP(UK) examination diploma denoting Membership of the Royal College of Physicians (UK)
NES NHS Education for Scotland
NIMDTA the Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency
NTN National Training Number
PSRO Physician Specialty Recruitment Office in the context of this website, it refers to the PSRO at Health Education England in London
R1/round 1 round 1 is the initial recruitment phase for HST posts
R2/round 2 round 2 is the second recruitment episode, used to fill posts from R1 remaining vacant

the Royal College of Physicians. This could refer to any of the three colleges: the Royal College of Physicians (London), the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

Region In recruitment, region refers to bodies that manage postgraduate medical training. Formerly all these were known as deaneries but as the terminology is now different across UK nations, regions is used as a generic term.
RLMT Resident Labour Market Test
ST3 Specialty Training year 3
UKFPO United Kingdom Foundation Programme Office