Following acceptance of a post offer, prospective employers will run criminal records and other checks.

Providing these pre-employment checks are all satisfied, employers will then issue contracts of employment, as well as confirming salary details, pay banding, rotas, induction arrangements, etc.

Part of this process will be to contact referees to obtain clinical references. Your referees will be contacted directly, you do not need to supply references yourself at any stage.

Unless otherwise notified, all HST posts in round 1 will start on the first Wednesday in August - i.e. Wednesday 3 August 2022. Some posts may start on alternative dates; this will be specified when making programme preferences.

For further details on this, please liaise with the relevant region; see the region contacts page of this website for more information.

Round 2 start dates

The start date for posts in round 2 is a lot more variable than in round 1. Posts can start from anywhere between October 2021 and 6 April 2022.

As many posts are those which were unfilled from round 1, they are available for an immediate start once pre-employment checks have been carried out. Whilst these posts are technically available to start from October and will be listed with an October start date when you preference programmes on Oriel, it is often later than this by the time checks are completed and you can actually start work.